Since their inception in 2015, The Senegambian Jazz Band has fused Afro jazz, deep world music beats and funk to create some truly awe-inspiring rhythms and melodies. With influences from Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana and Australia, the five-piece band share their outstanding talent and flair, channelling over eight thousand years of African musical traditions, transporting the power and beauty of these ancient sounds, rhythms and melodies to euphoric audiences across Australia.

Underpinning The Senegambian Jazz Band’s unique sound is the Kora, a traditional West African stringed instrument, played by the band’s frontman & vocalist, the phenomenally talented Amadou Suso, direct descendent of the world’s first kora player, Koriang Musa Suso. As a music maker, or ‘jali’ by birthright, Amadou embodies the griot traditions of the Mandinka of West Africa. Known widely as the ‘Jimi Hendrix of the kora’, Amadou fulfils his ancestral duties to share the culture of his people through an intoxicating contemporary mastery of the African harp. Completing the musical powerhouse, the group also features Tom Benson (tenor saxophone), Chris Frangou (bass), Jack McCarthy (guitar), and Julius Sackey (drums). 

A must-see live act in Melbourne, The Senegambian Jazz Band never fail to enchant their audiences with an elaborate and joyful sound that sees fans losing themselves in the music and dancing the night away.